Contact Avi Dubitzky or the 'Caught Red-handed' team

If you want to volunteer or report a case (for which you have proof) in order for us to continue to deal with it, send a detailed email including contact details and in case of urgent cases, contact the Israel Police at 100 or 105

To contact Avi Dubitzky


אבי דוביצקי ומשטרה ישראל מכניסים חשוד לניידת
Avi Dubitzky and the Israeli police put a suspect in a car
אבי דוביצקי ושוטרים שעוצרים חשוד שבא לפגוש ילד
Avi Dubitzky and police officers arresting a suspect who came to meet a child
אבי דוביצקי והמשטרה שעוצרת חשוד
Avi Dubitzky and the police arresting a suspect