Avi Dubitzky and caught red-handed ; how they made the government establish Moked 105

Avi Dubitzky started his career working in a law firm in the field of enforcement as part of his work at the office, he learned how to collect debts and helped hard-working people and commercial companies to collect what they were owed. He became an expert in the field and led to changes in enforcement that allowed people to collect what they were owed and not need a private investigator.

As part of his work, he learned how to collect debts and helped hard-working people and commercial companies to collect what they owed. He became an expert in the field, which led to changes in execution that allowed people to seize vehicles by ID number without needing a private investigator and seize people’s rights to land in the Israel Lands Administration, according to ID. At the same time, he started writing about scams in the economy section of the Ynet website. Along the way, he managed to scare several editors until he realized that he would have to find another platform for his independent investigative work in the field of courts. 

How many appeals are accepted, and to which judge? We checked

In August 2013, he began to open fake profiles in the chats of websites such as Facebook, Walla, and Atraf dating sites – and since then, he has received more than 124,000 inquiries, of which he has collected more than 3,500 names of people who harassed children online. It’s surprising, mainly because it all started quite by accident. “A man wanted to close an account with me following a legal loss for which he was obligated to pay me financial compensation. He passed on intelligence information to the police that an employee of mine was the murderer in the bar youth case. They invited me to the police station and talked about all kinds of things, and I didn’t understand why I was there. At first, I thought it was because of a complaint I filed on behalf of a client about bad checks. I quickly realized that they wanted to know about something completely different. The investigator asked me a specific question, and I immediately understood who was against whom. Only one person I sued in court knew the same question, and only he knew it because someone gave him a sarcastic answer about a certain question to mock him. I immediately stopped the investigator and told him, “I know who told you that,” and asked why the same story was told to the police. The investigator left and went into a room with several other investigators who, it turns out, were watching me through a hidden camera in the wall. They talked to me and told me they were sorry, and I went on my way.

The case of the murder in the youth bar

“I told my friends and family about the investigation conducted by the police (I thought I was a suspect), and it became a kind of joke among my acquaintances. At that time, I started writing my column in the economics section of Ynet, and there they told me about the murder case and the motive that was known at the time. At the time, I didn’t know about chat rooms or Facebook. A few days after the murder suspect was arrested, I was exposed to the investigation materials. How an encounter on the Internet supposedly led to the murder, I began to investigate whether I could reread something similar. It is said that the killer came to take revenge on a man who sexually assaulted his brother in the youth bar area after they met on the Internet. My father decided that something had to be done about it. My father contacted the editors at Y-net, and they said it was not exciting and advised him to contact Orli and Guy’s system at Channel 10.

Articles on the Ynet website

Investigative  The program promised to give a platform for disclosures and act to promote legislation, but they did not keep up with the pace, so he started acting independently. According to him, he located hundreds of men, some of them known, including lawyers, actors in the chamber theater, IDF officers, and people with a criminal record in the field who are under a court supervision order. Although he does most of the work, he has recruited many people. “A lot of people are afraid of this in Israel. The first girl who volunteered to play the role of a 13-year-old girl got cold feet during the police testimony phase.” Obstacles abudant.

A turn began when Matan Hatzroni from News 12 began covering the cases in Dubitzky’s net. Matan would cover the events and contact the police to get a response, contact the suspects, and raise public awareness through the evening news. In some cases, Avi Dubitzky would take care of himself, but he acted immediately when he felt that a boy or girl might be hurt. In one case, he made telephone contact with a person with whom he corresponded and identified himself as the father of the “girl” with whom he had chat conversations. “He started crying to me; he was afraid that his wife would divorce him. He told me that he has a one-year-old daughter. Everyone insists that this is the first time, but it is clear to me that it is not true.” There were cases when he also called the wives of those criminals when he thought the children at home were in danger. “They are always shocked, but none of them burst into tears. Some women suspected that their husbands were hiding something. In any case, I stopped it so they wouldn’t lose evidence; most thanked me and told me they would use the evidence to keep the husband away from the house and ask for a divorce. A handful Choose to ignore the clear evidence.”

Why didn’t you go to the police?

I wanted him to panic and not repeat it twice; one phone call can prevent a disaster.”

When will you retire

“When I can enter the chat as a 14-year-old girl, they won’t contact me.”

 “I don’t tempt people.”

In everything related to the admissibility of the evidence presented by Dubitzky – transcripts of conversations, recordings, video, and photographs – one can recall the case led by the journalist  Dov Gilhar. In 2009, as part of an investigative program on Channel 10, the channel’s investigator impersonated a minor in the chat, which led to the exposure of the man with whom she had a relationship. The evidence that reached the court was controversial, and the question arose as to whether there was not a temptation and a failure here. Ultimately, it was determined that the female investigator was not an extortionist, and the criminals were convicted after the district court had its say. For those tempted to correspond and meet with a boy or girl they met online, something is wrong with them. I am aware that in the past, the social norm was different, and they did not see the issue as something important that should be put on the public agenda, but today, things have changed; almost any boy or girl can go online and become a victim.

Cancellation of defendant’s acquittal in the Channel 10 case

אבי דוביצקי לוכד מורה מפתח תקווה ילדה בת 13

Avi Dubitzky says – imagine a yard in a kindergarten – I’m ‘sitting’ in a pink dress, and strangers approach me. This is what happens on the Internet.

Dubitzky himself finds no reason to fault his conduct on the network. “Imagine a yard in a kindergarten – I’m ‘sitting’ in a pink dress, and strangers approach me. They ask me, ‘How are you? What a beautiful girl! Are you alone in the room? What color is your underwear?’. I don’t address anyone; I’m just there. I’m not tempting.

And how would you answer?

Not in a teasing way. ‘I’m alone,’ or ‘Mom’s here.’ I won’t say what color my underwear is. I’m not doing anything to sabotage the investigation.

Has anything changed since you started? “Since the media exposure, people are afraid. Many disappear after I state my age.”

The web is a wild jungle.

Dubitzky’s relationship with the police is one of the interesting points in this complicated story. There is a specific cooperation between them, but it is not official. “No one calls to ask if I caught someone. They cooperated the first time I filed a complaint on the matter, and even an indictment was filed against that person. But that was an unusual case. When I came to file a second complaint, I decided to file 15 more along the way, all lined up with identification cards with incriminating evidence. It was nine in the evening, and the officer at the police station didn’t like it“.

As Avi Dubitzky began to say, “The police don’t have a unit that does this,” continues Dubitzky. A quick search on the official police website reveals the name of the Lahav Unit, the national unit for fighting corruption and organized crime. It includes different factions, among them the computer crimes division, which includes, among other things, the treatment of sex crimes. Not exactly a priority. Since then, a 105 hotline was established, which should provide an answer.” The virtual policing is insufficient, unsystematic and poor,” concludes MK   Moshe Mizrachi, former head of the investigation department in the police. “Other countries such as the United States have conducted and maintained determined active policing, which includes the use of undercover agents who surf chats and networks to capture pedophiles, sex offenders, drug and fraudsters. Beyond the visible networks, there are encrypted ‘black networks,’ which are almost impossible to answer with us. The web has long since become the new street, a wild and unsupervised jungle. In these streets, where teenagers roam freely, virtual policing is also needed, as well as the creation of constitutional mechanisms to reduce exposure in this crime scene.”

An indictment was filed against Inspector Gil Ohad Nagar from the Cave of the Patriarchs unit, alleging that he had committed sodomy, sexual harassment, and more on minors with whom he had contacted in Internet chats. Lives in Gaya, which is near Ashkelon

The Department of Police Investigations at the State Attorney’s Office submitted an indictment against Inspector Ohad Gil Nagar, an officer in the Merat al-Machpela unit in the Hebron region, to the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court. The indictment, which includes nine different charges, attributes to the officer offenses of sodomy, sexual harassment, and more, with minors with whom he made contact through internet chats. The indictment filed by the state turns out that from 2012 until his arrest, on dozens of different occasions, Nagar used to enter discussions on the Internet while adopting a false identity regarding his name and age; he courted surfers whom he had the impression were minors and started chatting with them. After gaining their trust, he continued the conversation using the phone and the “Skype” and “WhatsApp” programs.

At this point, it is claimed, correspondence with sexual content began between Nagar and the minors, who had not yet turned 16 years old. At the same time, he described to the minors descriptions of sexual acts that he wished to perform with them, asking them to send him fully or partially nude photos and, as part of the Video call, to reveal modest body parts and to perform acts of masturbation on their own, all for the sake of his sexual stimulation and satisfaction. Nagar met with some of the minors, and according to the indictment, as part of the meetings, he performed various sexual acts on them, including oral and anal sex, despite being aware of the young age of the minors.

Nagar’s arrest was preceded by an investigation by the Central Police Department team for similar suspicions, which began in April, after which Nagar was released to house arrest. In the period that has passed since then, many materials were seized that led to his arrest last week. He was 14 years old and identified himself under a pseudonym in the chat, with Negar, who introduced himself as 25. Avi Dubitzky arrived at the meeting between the two and a police officer after Negar ordered the adult several times to delete the correspondence between them. “Age is problematic; that’s why I hope you erase all traces of our conversations,” he told him. Avi Dubitzky and a police officer from the Dizengoff station in Tel Aviv arrested Gil Nagar. When he was put in the car, he tried to hide his phone in his socks and told the patrol officer that he was a police officer on duty; after it was learned that he was indeed a police officer but not on duty, he was transferred to the police station for questioning, who was later released to house arrest and was arrested again after additional materials and evidence were collected against him.

In addition to the indictment, a request was also submitted against Nagar to extend his detention until the end of the proceedings, in which it was claimed, among other things, that Nagar confessed to a large part of the offenses attributed to him.

Ohad Nagar was convicted of crimes – Matan Hatzroni’s article in News 12 includes the Ministry of Defense investigation transcripts.

אבי דוביצקי אחראי להרשעתו של גיל נגר בתיק פלילי
Avi Dubitzky is responsible for the conviction of Gil Nagar in a criminal case
Avi Dubitzky captures a police officer Ohad Nagar
Avi Dubitzky captures a police officer Ohad Nagar

 A police officer, Gil Ohad Nagar, was convicted of a series of sexual offenses against minors, including sodomy and sexual harassment. From the transcripts of his investigation at the police investigation department obtained by News 2 Online, it is possible to learn about his action pattern. “I don’t mix my sex life with my work,” he said – and denied knowing their age.

News 2 Online obtained the transcripts of his investigations in which he indeed claims that he did not know their age:

Question: Is there anything new you would like to say?

Answer: You got what you wanted. I’m mentally exhausted just thinking about what will happen when it reaches my mother. I do not place the responsibility on the police. I did not seduce anyone, and even if, after the publication, someone claims that I slept with a minor knowingly or against his will, I want to confront him.

Question: Sure, you want to confront him, but your “good guy” facade in front of us is not your actual face revealed in your relationship with these boys. Obviously, in your position of power over them, you will be happy if confronted with them, but unfortunately, the facts speak for themselves. Even your supposed partner told the truth about your knowledge of his actual age. Your reply?

Answer: No contact was made by coercion and not out of manipulation. I have never forced myself on anyone. As for my partner, if I’m with him on a weekend in Eilat, I don’t know what to call him if not a partner. I don’t know what you said during his testimony that caused him to define it differently. I want to add that, in most cases, I ended the relationship, and the other party renewed it.

“asked for nude photos.”

The indictment filed against him indicates that “from 2012 until his arrest a few days ago, on dozens of different occasions, he used to log into chats on the Internet, while adopting a false identity for himself regarding his name and age, followed surfers who he had the impression were minors and started chatting with them After gaining their trust, he continued the conversation using the phone and the Skype and WhatsApp programs.”

After that, according to the indictment, the officer began to correspond with minors who had not yet reached the age of 16, correspondence with sexual content, while describing to the minors descriptions of sexual acts that he wished to perform with them, asking them to send him pictures of full or partial nudity, and, As part of a video call, to expose modest body parts and perform acts of masturbation on their own, all for the sake of his sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

The officer met with some of the minors and, as part of these meetings, performed various sexual acts on them, including oral and anal sex, despite being aware of the young age of the children. The officer was arrested in April after arranging to meet with a man who introduced himself as a 14-year-old boy during their correspondence. However, instead of meeting the alleged boy, he met the officers of the Lev Dizengoff station in Tel Aviv, who arrested him.

Question: You get hung up on all kinds of stupid excuses. A law in the State of Israel is designed to prevent precisely these situations. You and I are the same age. How about I date a 15.5-year-old right now?

Answer: I repeat what I said during the investigations. I would not have contacted anyone if I had known it was a minor under 16.

Question: How often have you arrived in uniform for a first meeting with someone?

Answer: Never.

Question: Why not?

Answer: I don’t mix my sex life with my work.

As for the police claim when he was arrested, he said he was on duty. He replied in his investigation: “I want to add that if they claim that I said I was in a position, why didn’t they ask me what position and for what purpose? As for Zvi (pseudonym), he is not as innocent as you think; he has a sexual past; when we knew him, he had it for about three years, and before, He had relationships with two men aged 22-25 plus or minus. I don’t capture innocent children.”

Question: And the fact that you claim he had two 22-25-year-old men in front of you should justify what you did?

Answer: I don’t think I did anything wrong.

Question: What is the age gap between you and Idan (pseudonym)?

Answer: He is 17, and I am 36.

Question: This is about a gap between you of about 20 years. This is not about a couple or a spouse. This is about a minor with whom you had sex while he was under the age of 16. A child you exploited for your sexual needs. Your reply.

Answer: I disbelieve in this statement, in this guilt of mine, because he was not a minor as far as I was concerned, and there was no exploitation here. It was mutual out of desire. And what’s more, we did a lot of things beyond sex.

Question: Your sexual intentions towards him are clear. You want to meet him, talk about his tendencies, about the size of your penis, offer him to come to your sister’s house, tell him that you would take him and return him. Your reply?

Answer: Small talk only.

Question: You offered to come and take him to shower with you and have sex so that he would be happy. What is small talk here?

Answer: A kind of verbal sexual experience. Call it sex talk. It’s a fact that I don’t know this man.

“He told you he was in the 10th grade.”

Question: You are an officer on combat duty in the Cave of the Patriarchs. It would be best if you had a lot of personal abilities of intuition and dynamics with people to function in stressful situations. How can it be that you didn’t have any red lights about (pseudonym)? You meet him at his house at four in the afternoon when the parents are not home; he tells you he is in the 10th grade and does not have a license. How is it that you say that for you, he is not a minor since he told you about enrollment? How can you perform such a role as a police officer, but as for children…

Answer: If I had a shadow of a doubt or the slightest doubt that it was a minor, I would not have entered into this relationship in the first place, and even more, I would not have come home to him. Moreover, I picked him up for the second time and asked him if his parents were home so they wouldn’t see me in the car because it was unpleasant; he said he didn’t mind. I didn’t leave the house with my car.

Question: How is it possible that several minors say that you knew they were minors under the age of 16 and had sex with them while you claim that you did not see the age? What is everyone lying about?

Answer: I want that man to come and slap me in the face. Because if I knew he was a minor and I did what I did, I admit everything in advance. Each has its own merits. 

Question: It seems that you operate according to the same method for locating minors and request that they delete correspondence history so as not to leave traces because you are aware that your actions are against the law.

Answer: As soon as I had a shadow of a doubt that it was a minor, I asked to delete the calls and not continue the call.

Since then, an indictment was filed against him, the officer was placed under arrest, and about a week ago he was released to house arrest. In the court hearings in the officer’s case, the police department representative, attorney Ayelet Razin Beit-Or, stated that they hoped to reach more boys who were allegedly in contact with him.

Most surprisingly, after losing his job, he applied to the National Insurance Institute for an income guarantee. A

אבי דוביצקי לוכד את גיל אוהד נגר
Avi Dubitzky captures Gil Ohad Nagar
אבי דוביצקי
Avi Dubitzky captures Dr. Dov Virgilis

Dr. Dov Virgilis, originally from Magen Shmuel, was in a chat room and addressed Dubitzky, who posed as a minor; Dubitzky filed a complaint against him, and he was interrogated and detained for several days. The police case against him was closed due to lack of sufficient evidence but not for lack of guilt. This was the first case in which a doctor was suspected of harassment originating from the Internet. Virgil was a pediatrician and still accepts patients on Zoom today.

The correspondence between Virgil and the 13th


Avi Dubitzky tells about the capture of Der Dov Virgilis

The pedophile catcher, Avi Dubitzky, tells how he caught Dr. Dov Virgilis from Caesarea red-handed, who was arrested last week on suspicion of sexual harassment and indecent acts against minors online. “I played that serious girl who wants to meet adults, but I never said for a sexual purpose – If he said, ‘Let’s go wild in bed,’ I flowed with him in that direction,” he recounts and warns: “The entire northern region is a promiscuous area.”

Dr. Virgilis, 61, a member of Kibbutz Gan Shmuel who moved to Caesarea, has a long experience in medicine and is a specialist in lung diseases in children. After his detention was extended this week, his defense attorney, Attorney Ariel Selto, filed an appeal with the district court and, at the same time, representatives of the Communication from the court to allow the publication of his name, which until then was prohibited.
The suspicions against the doctor changed during the investigation and are currently defined as committing acts of sexual harassment against minors through “chat” conversations on the Internet for months. He is also suspected of possessing obscene material, including images of children, as well as distributing obscene material. “Although the suspicion of the crime of distribution is not written in the arrest request, there is apparent evidence of this in the investigation file, and the appellant was even suspected of this in part of his investigation,” wrote the judge, Tamar Sharon-Nathanal, immediately after rejecting the appeal and extending his detention.
“Shall we romp in bed?” The man behind the capture of Dr. Virgilis and many others is Avi Dubitzky, 45, from Tel Aviv, who has become known as “the pedophile catcher.” One year and four months ago, Dubitzky decided to dedicate his life to catching pedophiles on the Internet. He said the Israel Police did not accept his initiative with open arms. Still, she finally understood that she could no longer ignore the complaints he submitted alongside the incriminating evidence.
“At first, they didn’t know how to eat me; it was a bitter pill for them,” he says. “Because a person stands up and does what they must do. The police do not work actively to capture pedophiles. They do not go out and look for criminals. There should be such a unit in the police, but as someone who has been dealing with this intensively for a year and four months, I say there is no such thing. You can always talk – but doing it is something else.”
“It happened on Yom Kippur. I was bored, and probably the doctor was bored too, and the Internet is a wonderful place,” he says sarcastically. “The doctor approached me. I introduced myself as a 12-year-old girl. During the conversation, he kept going to the sexual place, and I always changed direction. He identified himself as a doctor, and I told him I was interested in medicine because he did not hide his profession. During the conversation, I was more attracted to professional questions in the field of medicine. He kept diverting to a sexual conversation, and that’s how I realized who I was dealing with. When I saw this was his direction, I realized I had caught him. I tried to release him from the rod several times, and he kept returning to it, so I decided to put him on the boat so he would get hit in the head.”
As soon as the doctor’s details, his profession and age (he claimed to be 45), and his modus operandi in chats were revealed to Dubitzky; he realized that he needed to deepen the conversations and arrive at more solid evidence. “After we talked and had the whole conversation between us, then I told him that if we get to know each other, I would like to see his ID because I want to know that he is not working for me,” he explains.
“I played that serious girl who is interested in getting to know adults, but I never said for a sexual purpose – but if he said, ‘Let’s go wild in bed,’ I flowed with him in that direction. In general, if I talk to a man several times and he keeps directing the conversation in sexual orientation, And I wave at him as any girl should do, he’ll move on to chat with another girl. So I said to myself, why give him the pleasure? It’s only temporary.
אבי דוביצקי
Avi Dubitzky captures Dr. Dov Virgilis
אבי דוביצקי
Avi Dubitzky captures Dr. Dov Virgilis
אבי דוביצקי
Avi Dubitzky captures Dr. Dov Virgilis

Dr. Meir Lampit Safed – pediatrician, convicted.