Frequently asked questions about Avi Dubitzky

Frequently asked questions about Avi Dubitzky, bankrupt? An offender? A serial killer, or just an uncaught killer. what is the truth

Why do they advertise that my Avi Dubitzky is bankrupt?

Are there any criminal cases in which it was determined that Avi Dubitzky violated the law ??
Does Avi Dubitzky live in Israel?
Why exactly does Avi Dubitzky need all this headache?
Why did Avi leave the country? Is it because of lawsuits or problems with the police?
Do Avi Dubitzky or the volunteers get paid?
Why doesn't Avi Dubitzky sue the people who smear him?
Was Avi Dubitzky a suspect in the murder?

What does a court decide when a person says of another that he is a "pedophile"?

Question: Does Avi Dubitzky live in Israel?

No, Avi Dubitzky lives with his family daily in Miami, Florida.

אבי דוביצקי
Avi Dubitzky

Question: Is Dubitzky’s departure or ‘escape’ (as his critics call it) from Israel due to his problems with the police or Pedoo, who filed lawsuits in court?

No, my father announced in advance that he was moving out of the country and was interviewed about it on Shekat’s morning shows on 17/11/2014 and left on 2/12/2014.

Those who flee the country do not announce this in advance, so there is no actual claim other than slogans in the air. In a televised interview by Avi, he announced that he was leaving Israel and said he was tired of no one doing anything about it: “If 120 Knesset members do nothing, I don’t know what else can be done.”  The behavior of the law enforcers and authorities in Israel: “What I do does not permeate the Knesset. Nothing is done, just lip service and promises. I also have to stop at some point,” he explains, “if 120 members of the Knesset who earn NIS 40,000 a month do nothing, I don’t know what else can be done.” Understanding what’s going on there, it’s no less harmful than terrorist attacks; when they wanted to protect us from terrorist attacks from Gaza, they built walls; this can also be solved with a minimalistic investment.” I have concluded that this place is not safe for its citizens, as I came, so I go back to the United States. It’s not that everything is perfect there, but without a doubt, they know how to move things there. They need to pay attention to the phenomenon – people are punished, there are sanctions, and names are published.

If there were a reason to bring Dubitzky to trial in Israel, there would be an extradition treaty between Israel and the USA. This is a cheap attempt to convince a handful of child lovers to hire the services of two lawyers (A.D. and G.T.), the only ones willing to represent people who tried to harm children! The lawyer A.D. recorded on a hidden camera (the video is on the Telegram page of the exact attorney) when he explained to a client who pretended to be a pedophile how to lie to the police and destroy evidence. 

Of course, the police would only build cases based on the data from Duvitsky if there was no doubt about their reliability. Since he left the country, several issues have come to court where people have been convicted. Also, no official body finding confirms the lawyers’ absurd statements. 

 Question: Why do some lawyers advertise that my Avi Dubitzky is bankrupt and owes money?

Answer: There was indeed a bankruptcy proceeding, but this one
canceled by the district court. The people who initiated the procedure appealed to the Supreme Court, and they lost! Those who initiated the process continue to publish as if the order is in effect, and this shows the credibility of the other things they publish; one of them is the son of the perpetrator, Elon Sabri, who was sentenced to actual imprisonment for taking bribes and selling stocks and the another Lawyer, Asaf Dok was  Caught on hidden camera explaining to a client how to lie to the police if arrested and recommended destroying the phone, He was interrogated with a warning by the police and the Ethics Committee recommended that he be prosecuted.

 According to a district court decision reinforced by the Supreme Court on 18/12/2019, an order was given to stop the proceedings against Avi Dubitzky in case  3436/2019 before you is a decision by the panel of judges Barak, Mazuz, and Grosskopf. Appellants: Uri Shabtai, Ido Raviv, Niv Avital, Stav Geva.

אבי דוביצקי
Uri Shabtai, Ido Raviv, Niv Avital, Stav Geva.
אבי דוביצקי
Avi Dubitzky was acquitted in the Supreme Court

Question: Are there any criminal cases where it was determined that Avi Dubitzky broke the law?

Answer: No, and if this were true, an official document would be posted on the websites of its critics.

Before my father left the country, he went to police officer Yaron Ben Zvi to say goodbye and submit his last complaints. Yaron announced that many complaint files had arrived against him, and my father asked to be investigated about those complaints to avoid the same claim that he left because of complaints. At his request, the protests were concentrated in Tel Aviv. At the end of the investigations and hearing his version, it was decided that there was no truth in the complaints, and Avi Dubitzky was released without posting bail. At that time, the police knew he was going to leave the country; they could have, for example, demanded that he hand over his passport and instead wished him luck. As of today, there are no open investigation files against Dubitzky. His critics can say whatever they want, but they have no documents to support the claim.

Question: Why does Avi Dubitzky need all this trouble? Wouldn’t it be better to let the police handle it? After all, there is a 105 hotline set up for this purpose.

 Avi Dubitsky Moked 105
Avi Dubitzky Moked 105

Answer: My father cannot ignore the phenomenon under his nose, and as long as he can be a factor that changes the balance of power, he will do so. In his opinion, the police are not doing enough, and it is not just Av Dubitzky’s opinion; many others that we met said that a kind of void is created that allows this type of civil activity. After the establishment of Moked 105, there were expectations that the police would operate in all applications and protect both boys and girls. It turns out that Moked 105 and the other units that are supposed to put a wall between those criminals and children who are online prefer to handle cases where there is a real victim, not a virtual patient. My father argues, on the other hand, that it is not wise to wait for casualties and it is better to prevent actual losses.

The latest State Comptroller’s report severely criticized the systems’ conduct. Click here for the State Comptroller’s information.

For example, the case of Ronen Makhlouf from Ashkelon is where the police were unable to locate the identity of a man who harassed children, and my father located the man in less than an hour. About the story and other stories, they entered the area of Avi Dubitzky’s successes and were caught red-handed.

אבי דוביצקי
Avi Dubitzky did not flee Israel
אבי דוביצקי
Avi Dubitzky

How many millions does Avi Dubitzky make from catching evildoers on the net?

Avi Dubitzky

Question: Were Avi Dubitzky or the team caught red-handed getting paid?

Avi DubitskyAnswer: Adam’s father established and came from a very wealthy family. He finances the operating expenses privately. It does not ask for donations and is not funded by an external party. The volunteers are not paid. There was an impersonating “investigator” named Udi Mizrahi who approached one of the volunteers, and that volunteer laughed at him and said he gets USD 1500 for each catch. The same Udi Mizrahi distributed the recording on the networks, but in the entire recording, he did not believe what he heard later, and he was told other things from which it can be understood that he was having doubts about him. The same Udi Mizrahi is a man who deals with lighting in the city of Tiberias and does not have training from an academic institution in the field of journalism, even though he claims that he does.

Many people suggested that my father collect donations, but he refused so that they don’t say that the motives are financial. In Israel, they like to say, “What do you get out of it?” When they heard they received payment for such an activity, the critics said there were improper motives to carry out arrests, so it was decided not to collect donations.

Why doesn't Avi Dubitzky sue anyone who says anything about him?

Question: Why doesn’t Avi Dubitzky sue the people who smear him?

Answer: It’s all a matter of practicality; Avi Dubitzky lives in the US, and if he wanted to file lawsuits against those Israelis, the costs would amount to tens of thousands of dollars per case, and the proceedings would take many years. In the US, you have to prove damage from defamatory publications, and this is a difficult hurdle to overcome since, in practice, no damage has been done to him (after all, no one believes the nonsense that self-interested lawyers spread). On the contrary, these days, a vast production centered on my father and my team caught red-handed will be broadcast around the world. My father filed lawsuits against those people in the past, but when ‘Corona’ arrived. The courts in the US were closed, and he realized that the dealings would not end in the coming years. In January 2020, he learned that his family was going to grow, so my father decided that it would be better to invest in his children than to be busy for years managing lawsuits of nothing will result in restraining those people who are looking to become famous and make a living on his back and therefore delete the cases against them. Recently, attorney Tomer Israel from Haifa volunteered his services, resulting in stinging losses for the defendants who filed lawsuits against my father.

אבי דוביצקי

Avi Dubitzky fights pedophiles, and the system

Question: Was Avi Dubitzky a suspect in the murder at the youth bar?

Answer: A lie; if it were true, a journalistic severe body would have covered this thing. So, where does this crazy story come from? Avi Dubitzky lived in Tel Aviv; he was forced to file a lawsuit against Ohad Shannon, the building manager where he lived. Avi won in court and was awarded compensation of NIS 2,500. A few months later, Avi Dubitzky was summoned to the police and asked to provide information about one of his employees and was asked if he suspected him in the same shooting incident that took place at the youth bar. One of the investigators said something that only that witty fan could have known, And he realized that Shannon was the man who informed the police that my father was a potential suspect. After the investigators realized that they had been misled, they apologized. This was an interrogation and not an investigation of a suspect. My father did not understand the difference between a police investigation and an interrogation, and when he spoke in the Knesset, he used the wrong legal pronoun. Here is the protocol of the hearing in the Knesset in the relevant section.

אבי דוביצקי
Avi Dubitzky and a team were caught red-handed trapping chalk in a stairwell in front of a child's house

What does the court say when a person says about another person that he is a “pedophile” before you? This is an article by the lawyer Tomer Israel, who successfully represented Avi Dubitzky against people who sued for defamation after being caught in the act.

Advertise that he is a pedophile?

By Adv. Tomer Israel: Did you see the neighbor across the street or the school guard sexually touching a minor, or maybe they told you about the guide at the Judo Lessons or the tour guide who is a pedophile? Are you allowed to post? The first right thing to do is check, collect details, take pictures, record them, and report them to the police. But, the police are not always in a hurry to arrive and are not always interested in investigating, and even if they are, the chances (statistically) are that the case
will not end in conviction. And even if so, is it allowed to be published? Should I post? Damage to a person’s name can be more predatory and destructive than a criminal proceeding, and what if he files a defamation lawsuit for the publication? The Prohibition of Defamation Law, 1965, states that defamation is the publication of something that may humiliate, harm, or humiliate another person in front of another person. Therefore, a publication about another who is a pedophile is an offensive, humiliating, and humiliating publication – defamation. However, not all Publications that are defamatory are prohibited. The law enumerates a list of permitted defamatory publications such as government meetings or the state comptroller’s office. In addition, the law protects those who publish defamation under certain detailed circumstances. These protections safeguard so that even those who published defamation and admitted to the publication and admitted that it was defamation will be acquitted. The primary defenses are the defense of the truth of the magazine in section 14 and the protection of good faith detailed in section 15. In the last decade, the courts have been hearing more and more defamation claims because of the Internet and social networks and anyone’s ability to publish publicly. The courts hearing the claims first examine the content of the publication To determine whether it is defamation. The determination is not unequivocal and depends on many elements. After that, the overall context of the advertisement, the advertiser and his intentions, the circumstances and place of the ad, and more are examined to check whether one or several protections apply to the advertiser. In protecting the truth of the publication, the court will focus more on the magazine’s content, and it will only apply if it is a publication that is essentially true and has public interest. The protection of good faith will only apply if the magazine is made under one of the circumstances appearing in the law and will focus more on the advertiser himself. In November 2021, a court in Ashdod received a lawsuit from a man whose mother-in-law called him a pedophile on social media. The court ruled that it does not matter if the word “pedophile” was published explicitly or if the publication included a description of acts from which it is implied that it is a “pedophile.” In both cases, it is defamation. The court rejected the mother-in-law’s defense claims and stated that the publication was not done to warn, partly because she did not share her fear of that “pedophile” with any party.
In September 2021, a Jerusalem court dismissed most of Jason’s claim against Horowitz. Horowitz posted that Jason was a dangerous sex offender, that he was a fugitive sex offender and should be treated like a terrorist with a machete. The court determined that Jason is indeed a convicted pedophile in the US, and therefore, this part of the publication is genuine and of public interest. In addition, the court determined that since Horowitz warned the residents of the neighborhood about Jason, the pedophile, the publication was not made to discredit and awarded Horowitz protection.

In March 2021, a court accepted a father’s lawsuit against defendants who published about him that he raped and committed indecent acts on his son about 30 years ago. The court accepted the claim and determined that the publications had no support in the evidence and that the defendants did not even ask to know or learn about the claims they heard and published. The court noted that the defendants sealed the plaintiff’s fate even though he was acquitted in the criminal proceedings years ago.
In another case, the court in Netanya dismissed a DJ’s defamation claim against someone who shared a Facebook post that told and warned against his actions. The prosecutor, Niv Avital, corresponded sexually with a minor and even came to a meeting he arranged with her to commit sexual offenses against her. Avital was caught at the meeting place with designated items in his car, and only then did he realize that he was not corresponding with a minor but with the “pedophile hunter.” The police interrogated Avital and did not provide reasonable explanations, and despite this, the case against him was closed, and no indictment was filed. The issue was published and shared.
On Facebook, Vabitel sued a mother, who shared a post that told and warned of his actions and her warnings. The court read the correspondence, reviewed the investigation and the other evidence, and determined that the post included parts of a distinctly sexual nature with someone who thought she was a minor and even came to meet her for a sexual purpose. In addition, the court examined the wording and meaning of the publication (sharing) made by the defendant and explained, “… it is appropriate to put before our eyes the question of how reasonable parents of minors, who live in the city where the person who participated lives and works.
In a correspondence such as the one we are dealing with, and he went to a meeting carrying the same items found in the plaintiff’s vehicle, they would have responded had they known that so-and-so who lives near them is aware of these facts and does not bother to bring them to their attention.”
Those with wealth often silence defamation lawsuits to cover up the truth. So do pedophiles. Therefore, there is a public interest in advertising and warning the public that a pedophile will be subject to the protections of the law when, indeed, it is a pedophile. Before such publication, it is best to prepare and collect significant evidence to prove to the court later that this publication is accurate. In addition, and to ensure that the protection of good faith will also apply if necessary, it is desirable that the publication be made in good faith, be it proportionate, in a relevant place, or to the public.
This is relevant for you to know and not to harm. Did you post according to the rules and get sued?
Contact Avi Dubitzky, who will direct you to me.

Written by attorney Tomer Israel 052-4380907