Have you considered filing a lawsuit against Avi Dubitzky? Think twice

Have you thought about suing Avi Dubitzky?

First, any lawsuit filed in the Israeli court will receive an answer. Attorney Tomer Israel represents my father and the team caught red-handed for free.

Avi Dubitzky has a medical certificate that allows him to testify on video, so he does not have to come to Israel. Prosecutors who objected to the process of testifying on video with false claims were charged thousands of shekels in court costs.

Avi Dubitzky keeps all the conversations held with suspects so that they can verify that the content is accurate and not ‘fake,’ and in any case that the police are involved, the police file comes before the court. Today, there is only one lawyer who is willing to represent criminals who sexually harassed children online and came to their homes. That lawyer (we call him Guy – he comes to court in slippers) does not tell his potential clients that he has lost all the recent lawsuits he has filed, the largest of which is a lawsuit against for 1,000,000 NIS (to read the verdict, click here) Court case 42937/11/17 (Niv Avital v. Esther Hazan). The judge realized the plaintiff was lying and stated this in the verdict. Niv Avital filed an appeal, which was rejected, and he was again charged with court costs.

Besides the loss, Niv Avital invested tens of thousands of shekels in court and attorney fees. The lady he sued established a website where she legally published the verdict and the materials from the court case. His legal issue failed, and his lawyer caused him irreparable damage that still haunts him. djnivavital.info

The charges against Avi Dubitzky in Israel are not valid in the US. American law sets much higher standards for receiving compensation due to defamation law, especially when evidence confirms that there is no actual defamation.

No one saw a single shekel of the judgments that were received in unreasonable amounts in the absence of a defense. The “winning” lawyer won’t say that this year he lost two lawsuits of 400,000 NIS that were judged on their own merits; he and the plaintiff folded their tails and legs at the very first ink and went home in shame in front of  Judge Udi Hacker. There is not a single verdict confirming the unfounded claims of “DC; on the contrary, Attorney C retracted all the claims he made with his client. He will explain to a potential client what they want to hear. You must know the truth. In Avi Dubitzky’s opinion, the strong desire to discredit him stems from personal problems. Born after that, the father of that lawyer served a sentence of several years in prison and was fined millions of shekels when he was a child. A father going to jail leaves scars. As mentioned, there is a reason for everything; this is Avi Dubitzky’s opinion.  After the losses, the lawyer ( Guy Tsabary) is not getting new clients, and his livelihood has been severely damaged 

click here for an article on the Y-net website about the attorney’s Father, who was convicted and spent time in prison.

Avi Dubitzky promises that plaintiffs who lose in lawsuits will get their day in fame and a personal website.

אבי דוביצקי - מלכודת לפרקליט אסף דוק
Avi Dubitzky - a trap for attorney Assaf Doc